Accepting portrait commissions of people, pets and favorite locations. Jeanne captures the personality and energy of her subject in each project. Arrange for a portrait as a gift, as a memento or for your personal collection.
Shaped by waves, polished by the sea, sea glass is a product of both nature and man. Glass objects carelessly discarded are tumbled by the ocean to form these colorful gems. Jeanne offers her unique sea glass art, with each piece unlike any other.
Add some coastal embellishment or a touch of whimsy to your home. Jeanne utilizes various types of materials assembled into decorative accents. Her charming Little People are each individually made with their own personality.
About Jeanne
My life has gone full circle. I wake up in the morning with art on my mind.
What will I do today?
A portrait?
A sculpture?
Will I try something with my new pastels?
I love color, paint, paper, cloth, scissors, experimenting with media.
Sometimes I go into my studio at 9am and return home at 3am. Not even realizing any time has gone by.
This is who I am – Artist Jeanne.
Born in New York City, Jeanne loved art from childhood when she designed clothes for her dolls, wrote poetry and drew pictures from an early age. In high school, her works were always featured in annual art shows often winning certificates of merit and special attention from her favorite art teacher, Mrs. Wilson. After high school she was discovered and represented by The Youth Fashion Guild in New York for her ability to work with color and a variety of media.

She went on to create a successful business hand painting gift items that were sold in several department stores across the country including Macy’s, Sanger Harris, Children’s Warehouse, Gimbels, Burdines, Woodward & Lothrop and many others. Her work was also featured in the Childcraft Education Corporation Magazine where they published some of her items.

Business was good but there was more waiting for Jeanne to do. Education moved Jeanne away from the Art that she loved and she earned a bachelor’s degree in literature from The College of New Rochelle followed by a master’s degree in writing from Manhattanville College. After 17 years of a wonderful marriage, Jeanne became a widow. She spent the following years of her life as an academic, teaching literature and writing while raising her three children.

Jeanne retired to Delaware in 2004. The quiet sea life and walks on the beach in the morning reminded her of her passion for art and she picked up her brushes and pens and began to draw again. Her favorite mediums are pen and ink and watercolor, but she loves to use and experiment with all media and push color to its limits. She paints portraits from photographs, but her creativity is not limited to portrait painting. She loves to create sea glass art, ceramic art, quilts and an endless variety of arts and crafts.